BitMEX adds EOS on their platform, confirms Arthur Hayes

On June 7th, the Co-Founder, and CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes officially announced on his Twitter page that BitMEX has listed EOS on their platform and is now available for trading.

He tweeted saying:

“Is $EOS a shitcoin or the real deal Holyfield? Trade $EOSM18 with 20x leverage on BitMEX.”

Arthur Hayes claims to bring in a deep understanding of the trading structure with the addition of EOS to the network. EOS operates as a smart contract platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications on their public forum.

The network is highly scalable as it allows inter-blockchain communication, flexible in terms of fixing broken applications, self-describing interfaces, and they hold a keen interest in the investment and growth of the EOS eco-system.

EOS also aims at eliminating transaction fees in order to hold millions of transactions per second. The platform has gained considerable attraction because of its scalability. Trading with BitMEX provides up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin and higher leverage on altcoin contracts, without expiry dates.

Earlier this year, Hayes announced the launch of the new EOS Futures Contract after making significant changes in their trading engine technology. The EOS token listing for futures contracts $EOSM18 is scheduled for June 7th and June 29th.

BitMEX also allows new users with practice placing, executing, and canceling orders on their sandbox testing exchange. Hayes has also gone about explaining how safety is their first priority so that users do not incur any losses. His platform is expected to make greater profits with global adoption of digital currencies.

One crypto-enthusiast on Twitter commented saying:

“Thanks for adding this! $EOS got great volatility- Just what you are after with leverage trading!!!”

Another guy on Twitter, MrTechieCrypto says:

“Shitcoins get lots of hype. Hype = lots of volatility due to newbie traders = good profits for actual traders. Thanks.”

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