takes off the two largest US Bitcoin companies took off two of the largest US-based Bitcoin Companies; BitPay and Coinbase. The discussion of the taking down of both the companies from the channel had been started around December 2017 on Reddit.

Olivier Janssens is an active member of the Bitcoin Foundation, who frequently weighs in on privacy rights of Bitcoin holders on discussion boards.

Olivier Janssens tweeted: just removed/censored the 2 largest US Bitcoin companies (@BitPay Payment processing and @coinbase Bitcoin Exchange). It’s a good move: Bitcoin Core is obviously no longer Bitcoin, and should ideally be removed from both @BitPay and @coinbase too.”

BTCfork a Twitter user commented:

“I just read today that years ago, you invested $40K into Lighthouse, which is now finally coming alive again on Bitcoin Cash. For that, a big thank you from this member of the community.”

Another user, Eli Irfam commented:

“These guys are hell bent on alienating every single entity they disagree with. So much so, that they will end up in self-inflicted isolation. Since when has bitcoin been about anti completion? Since when was bitcoin about censorship? Core know nothing about Bitcoin”

Recently Coinbase just acquired Keystone, this acquisition was one of the most spoken captures of the month. While BitPay’s removal from was meant to be, either of the groups have not commented.

On the GitHub’s discussion forum, Achow101 commented:

“ was removed a long time ago after a re-review of their compliance to’s listing criteria.

Coinbase and BitPay were removed during the Segwit2x debacle last year (along with several other companies that supported the fork) and have not yet been reinstated probably because people forgot.

Perhaps it is time to reinstate these companies and their wallets on, however, a review of their compliance with our policies is necessary.”

Nevertheless, the continuous promotions by the team of Bitcoin Cash has kept the coin running green!

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