Bitcoin Jesus set to bring Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to tens and thousands of convenience stores

During an interview with Corbin Fraser, Roger Ver, popularly known as Bitcoin Jesus and the face of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] announced that Bitcoin Cash will be hitting ‘tens of thousands of convenience stores’ in Japan. This announcement has hit the market right when all the coins seem to be hitting the bull market again.

The interview begins with the discussion of Bitek, a BCH to Colombian converter which is when Roger Ver makes the announcement of Bitcoin Cash hitting convenience stores in Japan. He says:

“I didn’t post it or talk about it publically yet but we just had a meeting over this week; Bitcoin Cash is coming to tens of thousands of convenient stores in Japan and you’ll be able to buy anything in the entire convenient store with Bitcoin Cash which means including like paying your electric bill”

The interview proceeds with an explanation of how the very first version of Bitcoin was to be able to buy coffee and now Bitcoin Cash is aiming towards it. In addition to this, Roger Ver also talks about the various partnerships of Bitcoin Cash which includes, Menufly which is functioning in major cities in the U.S which now accepts BCH as payment and Bitbox which provides various tools for developers aspiring to develop on Bitcoin Cash.

Memory Dealers, a Redditor says:

“And the BTC boys can’t be angry because they don’t even want BTC to be used for payments. ‘Muh store of value!’”

Mob Two, another Redditor says:

“Yep, freaking awesome. Definitely on the right path to cash for the entire world. Love it!”

Ricardo town says:

“Important thing about this: you can pay for anything at convenience stores in Japan. I bought items off Amazon at convenience stores in cash. I paid all my bills. I paid for everything at convenience stores. If this pans out, you can then almost buy everything with BCH in Japan”

Eli Afram, a Twitterati says:

“This is what real adoption looks like. Way to go :)”

According to CoinMarkertCap, at the time of press, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was trading at $1187 with a market cap of $20 billion and has seen a significant rise of more than 11% in the past 24 hours.

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