Bitcoin Has No Inherent Value? Trump Proves it Does

Robert Reich, an economist who has served under 4 presidents, has an interesting article up on his site right now.

He points out that right now the US is already in a constitutional crisis. We’re not waiting for one to happen when Trump fires Mueller; no, we’re in the midst of one right how as Trump and his gang loot the country from the inside.

And he’s not wrong.

And of course, this is not new. The Republican party, and to a lesser extent the Democratic party, became apparatchiks of a wealthy overclass about the time Reagan took office and have been growing in power ever since. They have grown in influence to the point where we are constantly hearing the lies they spread for their own benefit – yes, though the mainstream media, but much more through outlets like Fox and talk radio that have no commitment to truth.

This mundane conspiracy of greed and entitlement has turned us on each other, sowing distrust of each other and of the institutions that are meant to help us build better lives that we would let it all burn. Meanwhile, Trump and the billionaire oligarchy sip their brandies, puff their cigars, and laugh. At us.

I am an ardent Bitcoin fan. I hold Bitcoin and promote Bitcoin explicitly because it is trustless money. It is money that rewards savers over borrowers. It is money that governments cannot just print out of thin air if they want to go to war. It is money that no bank or government can freeze, confiscate, or censor. At least as easily as it can take your bank account and freeze your credit cards.

I am a fan of Bitcoin because it represents a future where decentralized, trustless systems will be the norm. I can’t say what that future will look like exactly, but I can say that is the direction we are going. It is a better world we are building.