Bitcoin Cash Fund starts new website to push Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

Bitcoin Cash Fund is a community-driven project which is dedicated to pushing the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. It announced that it has started a new website which is the “home of all things Bitcoin Cash”.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund [BCF] is a non-profit organization that uses any funds donated to promote projects which hasten the adoption of Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency born from Bitcoin in a hard fork in August 2017.

Website's Interface

Website’s Interface

What does the portal do?

The website,, is a portal that will educate the masses on what cryptocurrencies are, how it works and how to buy, sell, and trade with these digital assets. It briefly explains what Bitcoin is and talks about Bitcoin being a peer-to-peer, decentralized electronic cash.

The site jumps ahead, claiming that the best way to learn about Bitcoin Cash is to use it. It informs the user how to download a wallet and tells them to play with the coins. The website assures the user that once they’ve sent a few bits back and forth, they will understand how easy the wallet is to operate and will “be hooked”.

How they promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash

The website informs merchants of the advantage of adopting BCH, citing low transaction fees, no chargeback and a growing, thriving community of BCH users as incentives for merchants. They have written out guides for online merchants as well as brick-and-mortar merchants.

These guides talk about platforms like Coinbase Commerce for online businesses. They also give instructions to merchants on using wallets to accept payment from customers, when operating face-to-face.

Here are some of the trustworthy exchanges they recommend for buying Bitcoin Cash. They also warn how your wallet’s security is solely handled by the user.

Website's recommended Exchanges

Website’s recommended Exchanges

ThomasZander said on Reddit,

” And I’ll abuse this place to comment on how this is a beautiful site. Great graphics, good colors. Top of the line! “

Some more members of the BCH community seemed thrilled to see this site go up. They want the site to really start focusing on increasing adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

Here is a speculative post by user singularity87 on Reddit. The topics this user promises will soon be up and running, and will help people understand Bitcoin Cash better. The post says:

  1. Page that explains the difference between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, and why there was a split.
  2. A project gallery of all current BCH projects (with the ability to tip them).
  3. Lots of guides how to get set up with various wallets and exchanges.
  4. Investing in Bitcoin Cash.
  5. Getting involved in mining Bitcoin Cash.
  6. How to get involved with Bitcoin Cash development.
  7. A page that explains how Bitcoin Cash works on a socio-techo-economic level.
  8. Translations of every page.
  9. And lots lots more.

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