Bitcoin Cash [BCH] under attack: An individual vs investors!

An unknown engineer is debilitating to strike the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] coordinated with a progression of spam attacks that the attacker accepts to be sufficient enough to shake the system.

The engineer had addressed individuals about his endeavor in the not-so-distant past, however, on June 22nd, the anonymous attacker said that the surge has begun and trusts it to be undeniably intense in the coming weeks.

Pastebin is a text storage site, a type of online content hosting service where users can store plain text. On such a panel the anonymous attacker who calls itself ‘Bitpino’ was asked about the execution of Bitpino’s plans, the attacker said:

“The combination guarantees several things: 1. The weakest nodes running on VPS’s will crash or run out of bandwidth and become non-responsive. 2. All other nodes will begin to stall out from multiple back-to-back pre-mined 32 Megabyte blocks”

The crypto-attacker believes that the attacks will test every aspect of BCH’s network. Bitpino has planned an attack which is expected to have 5,000 Bitcoin Cash attack nodes in roughly 6 weeks, after which Bitpino will multi-fork the chain.

The attacker on Pastebin spoke about why he is attacking Bitcoin Cash. He stated:

“It is a stress test to validate the integrity of the Bitcoin Cash network on behalf of it’s investors. In the past Bitcoin has been attacked for good and for bad but it’s integrity remains intact which provides investor confidence. The #1 basic rule to all decentralized computer networks is that if it’s not attacked enough to resolve any problems then it will end badly. Skype is the perfect example of a decentralized computer network that was reverse engineered, attacked and subsequently 3 indivduals collapsed all 100,000 backup supernodes leading to a full centralization of the protocol to Microsofts datacenter.”

As of now, no comments regarding the Bitpino incident have been released by the team of Bitcoin Cash.

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