Bitcoin Cash [BCH] less popular than Dogecoin [DOGE]? Roger Ver incensed!

Roger Keith Ver, one of the members of Bitcoin Foundation, has released a YouTube video on the channel “ Channel”. A lot of people online are going around claiming that Dogecoin is bigger than Bitcoin Cash.

In the recently released video, Roger starts off saying that the talking point, Dogecoin being more popular than Bitcoin Cash, appears over and over again on social media. These people are Bitcoin Core supporters, or maybe paid trolls on the internet, both of which are “oftentimes one and the same”.

His intention is to prove these peoples’ claims as false. He uses Satoshi Pulse for all his stats. Satoshi Pulse is a Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Aggregator. It was launched by the, a popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news site. Satoshi Pulse works very similar to CoinMarket Cap.

He compares Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash side by side. The market cap certainly does matter, he asserts, pointing out that Dogecoin had a market cap of $400 million, while Bitcoin Cash had a cap closer to $17.8 billion. That’s around 40 times more than Dogecoin’s.

Even more interesting is the trade volume over the past 24 hours. This is more significant, Roger says. Dogecoin sits at $5 million traded, while Bitcoin Cash had over half a billion dollars, close to $565 million. That means Bitcoin Cash is over a hundred times more popular than Dogecoin when it comes to how much volume is actually traded across exchanges or, Roger declares with evident passion.

Comparing graphs of the number of transactions occurring on Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash, for most of the time the graphs go together, but the amount of actual commerce happening, Bitcoin Cash is indisputably ahead.

Roger is irked by all these claims online. “Its an absolute bunch of nonsense”, he states unequivocally. He shows a graph for the actual number of USD sent on the network, pointing out the Bitcoin Cash network sees far more USD.

“By every metric there, way more people use Bitcoin Cash than Dogecoin. Dogecoin is ‘fun’, but is a fun joke”, citing there is no supply limit and a lot of Dogecoin being pumped out as reasons for his claim.

YouTube user Unseen Mystery commented:

“Roger, stop giving these trolls your time. Seriously, Dogecoin more popular than Bitcoin Cash? lol these trolls have reached a new low.”

Another user, DB, commented on the video:

“Roger Ver is the Martin Shkreli of crypto, and he’s as petty as Donald Trump!”

Kaptn Kook sums up the issue with his comment:

“I don’t always try to convince people that BTC is the best coin, but when I do, I do so by comparing BCH with DOGE.”

During an interview with CNBC in December 2017, Roger Ver expressed his opinion:

“I think insider trading is a non-crime”.

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