Bitcoin Cash [BCH] adoption grows with its popularity

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard forked off the Bitcoin blockchain on August 1st, 2017. Its community members are controversially claiming that their cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash is the “real Bitcoin”. This is because the Bitcoin Cash community believes their blockchain operates much more closely to what Satoshi envisioned at Bitcoin’s advent.

Low transaction fees, ‘on-chain’ scaling, a reliable payment network-this is what Bitcoin was supposed to do, but the Bitcoin Core developers strayed from these ideals, and Bitcoin Cash was born. Over the recent months, many projects have chosen the Bitcoin Cash technology to build their platform on.

Blockpress is a social media application in its beta phase that works on the BCH blockchain and uses IPFS. The IPFS, just like Twitter, users can set an avatar, add their names and set cover photos. Each action costs a microtransaction of BCH.

Each user has something like a ‘handle’. This is their BCH wallet address, and there is also a QR code, so one can send [BCH] to specific people.

Nishant Sharma, @nishantsharma87, replying to BlockPress App beta launch announcement, said,

 ” Great work! That UI looks more ready to use! Hoping for faster loading times and a mobile APP 😀 “

CoinText is yet another project that allows people to conduct transactions over their mobile phones without connection to the internet. This is aimed at bringing market opportunities to the many millions who don’t have bank accounts or can’t afford the internet. It is a software wallet that works on Android, Apple and Windows phones.  

The CoinText service focuses on Bitcoin Cash. It promises instant transaction, sub-cent transaction fees, and on-chain settlements.

phillipsjk, a Reddit user, said:

“It was pointed out in previous thread that intercepting text messages is not as hard as it should be. Hopefully the system is designed to limit the damage in that case. Skimming the article, it looks like a custodial wallet (which would be vulnerable to SMS hijacking). I also fail to see how it can work if “they don’t store keys. Edit: they don’t even have a website? “

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