”Bitcoin [BTC], the beautiful anonymity of cash” – Netflix’s Explained

Netflix, an American entertainment company popularly known for its ‘Netflix Original’ content, offers original and popular drama programs like ‘Stranger Things’ and ’13 Reasons Why’. Netflix, on June 6th, 2018, released a new episode of its series ‘Explained’ and it was about cryptocurrency.

Explained is a web series from Vox Digs which covers a wide range of topics like why diets fail, wild world of k-pop, and Monogamy in each of their different episodes.

Episode 5 of explained. Source: Netflix

Episode 5 explained | Source: Netflix

The episode tags Bitcoin as ‘the beautiful anonymity of cash’, it explains how cryptocurrencies came into existence and what made Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies so popular. People like Jackson Palmer, inventor of Dogecoin have made an appearance in this episode. Palmer stated states how Dogecoin is now worth half a billion dollars in market cap. The episode also explains how ‘Diners Club’ being the first-ever credit card was a part of the ‘digital currency revolution’.

Andy Bromberg, CEO of CoinList stated about cryptocurrency in the episode:

”For the time, you have a distrubuted network to come to consensus about wat transction happened on the network. This allows for a trustless ledger where there isn’t a single central party maintaining it, but rather a network of people maintaining it. That’s an incredibly powerful concept.”

It also explains how 1000s of unknown people gained popularity and became rich with just investing in cryptocurrencies and treating it like the stock market.

Christian Slater is the narrator for this episode of explained. He is an American actor and a producer. He has also been a narrator for the segment  “There’s an Alligator Under My Bed”.

Netflix also has an exclusive documentary called ‘Banking on Bitcoin’, which features interviews with enthusiasts and experts.

Jean Labourier, a musician/Record producer and a Twitter user commented:

“@ChristianSlater aka Mr Robot narrating a new Netflix episode on cryptocurrency is awesome.”

T•GO, a Twitter user commented:

“So I just watched that new Netflix episode about cryptocurrency and realized I’ve been sitting on a small pile of dogecoin that’s apparently worth something now, like a whole $5 wowzers.”

SELIN, another Twitter user commented:

“I came across an episode on #Cryptocurrency on #Netflix ‘s new series “Explained” if anyone is interested in watching  $BTC#bitcoin#crypto#netflixandcrypto.”

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