Bitcoin [BTC] listed on Japan’s SBI: After Ripple [XRP] & Bitcoin cash [BCH]

Japan’s Strategic Business Innovator Group [SBI Group] had unveiled its new plans for its newly launched cryptocurrency exchange. The company intended to kickstart the best cryptocurrency service for the country.

SBI Virtual Currencies, the cryptographic money trade subsidiary of one of Japan’s biggest monetary administrations gatherings, has reported the listing of Bitcoin. Beginning June 18, clients can begin the exchange of BTC/JPY utilizing the trade’s Vctrade benefit.

From June 18, traders can start trading BTC/JPY using the exchange’s Vctrade service. This is in addition to the BCH/JPY trading pair added earlier on 8th June. Japan’s SBI Holdings-owned crypto exchange called SBI Virtual Currencies recently launched a new service – VCTRADE.  The service, as well as the exchange itself, came after many delays and various difficulties. SBI Virtual Currencies is one of the 16 government-approved crypto exchanges in Japan.

Strategic Business Innovator Group is a financial service company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company offers services like securities, loans, financial advice, etc. It owns one of the largest security brokerages in Japan with a total of 8.5 million accounts of financial affiliates such as SBI Securities Co.Ltd.

Recently Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was listed on SBI, Japan. BCH was added before BTC and the first and only cryptocurrency that could be used was Ripple [XRP]. Nevertheless, BCH and BTC along with XRP can now be traded on SBI Virtual Currencies.

For all three cryptocurrencies, customers can trade between 500 yen [~US$5.5] and 5 million yen [~$45,261]. Alternatively, they can place their orders in cryptocurrencies between 0.0001 and 40 BCH, 0.0001 and 5 BTC, or 10 and 70,000 XRP.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin [BTC] is ranked at #1 on CoinMarketCap. BTC is currently traded at the price of $6502.19 and a market cap of $111 billion. BTC has seen a rise of 0.43% in the past 1 hour, it runs red with a fall of 0.36% in its daily cap and its weekly cap is low at 4.07%

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