Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ‘who is better’ controversy

Bitcoin Core is known by its symbol BTC. Since the commencement of BCH, also known as Bitcoin Cash, the group has been bargaining laws. The question of ‘Who is better’ is something BCH has been fighting to prove to the crypto-world.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin and has not been unmasked yet. Nobody knows his or her identity or origin.

Bitcoin tweeted:

“Current fees on the BTC network are 11,414x higher than fees on the BCH network.”

Along with this, the Bitcoin Cash’s team added an image:

Shaz Ahmed, a Twitter user commented:

“Bcos nobody is using your btrash. Fees is high on BTC bcos network is clogged.”

The image talks about the current transaction fee of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. While BCH has a transactional fee of $0.001, BTC charges $10.11.

There’s a vast difference between 5.08T and 650.82G difficulty index of mining. As 1000 GH make 1TH, the difficulty level is way high for Bitcoin than Bitcoin Cash.

As observed, there’s a difference of 7127 ledgers in the block heights of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. BCH has a Block height of 5,35,608 while BTC has a Block height of 5,28,481.

While Spartacus, another crypto-enthusiast commented:

“Can you change your twitter name to Bitcoin cash? Ur not bitcoin”

At the time of writing, BTC is traded at the price of $6785.69 while BCH is traded at $894.41 it ranks #4 while BTC ranks #1 on CoinMarketCap. BCH has a market cap of $15 billion while BTC has the high market cap of $116 billion. BCH and BTC both the coins are currently running green, with a hike of 3.56% and 4.62%  in their weekly cap.

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