Binance announces AMA – Redditors, Twitteratis, and crypto-investors welcomed

Binance, a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies ranking in the top 10, welcomes both multi-language and international audience. The company is seeing rapid growth since its ICO. The exchange engine of Binance is such that it can accommodate 1.4 million exchange orders in a second. The platform has a capacity to hold 20 million users. 

Binance labs is a blockchain technology incubator and it focuses on pre-ICO projects. Team Binance has made its presence on Twitter with 800k plus followers. Recently, its sister account Binance Labs announced an “Ask me Anything” [AMA] on its Twitter handle where the team of Binance Labs will be answering questions asked by the internet users. 

Binance tweeted saying:

“Got questions for the Binance Labs team? We’re doing a Reddit AMA on June 6, 5-8pm EST at //”

To which it received positive and supportive replies.

However one of the Twitter account by the name @Ab_Zer0 tweeted:

“I have a question….how come you can’t organise a root in a brothel with a fist full of $50’s?
Binance right now = cluster…”

Many Twitter users are curious as to when Binance will support QKC, due to the QKC postponing incident. This was also speculated to be a confusion for the investors which raised prices of QRK instead of QKC. 

Gary_Crypto tweeted saying :

Open QKC trading !!!! Keeping us hostage with your crazy withdrawal fees

Finally, the Redditors will be able to ask questions to the Binance Labs team. These questions will be answered by Ella Zhang who is the Head of Binance Labs, along with Directors of Binance Labs, Benjamin Rameau, Flora Sun, Ling Zhang and Christy Choi. Partner of Binance Labs Teck Chia will also be active on this question answer panel. 

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