Allowing Insurance Companies to Deny People Coverage for Preexisting Conditions Highlights the Need for Bitcoin

This morning when I scanned the headlines, I was once again reminded why it is that I got into Bitcoin in the first place.

One of the headlines proclaimed that the Trump administration is siding with Texas and insurance companies to once more make denying people insurance because of preexisting conditions OK.


Now, I don’t have any preexisting conditions except Gilbert’s Syndrome (a malady which oddly is good for heart health), but I do know the number of people who are struggling to make ends meet and are thrown onto the streets because of a sudden health issue. These may be poor people, but often they are middleclass people who are just scraping by when they get some bad news. Now they find they can’t pay the bills, they can’t take time off from work, they can’t find people to take care of the kids … And if things go wrong, their credit cards get declined and their car and house gets repossessed.

The Republicans and insurance companies want you to believe that this happens because these people didn’t live right, or prepare properly, or take care of themselves. And for sure, there may be a bit of truth to those claims. But it’s also because the deck is stacked against anyone who doesn’t just have a ton of money. Often enough, even the people who thought they were prepared are shocked to find that no preparation would have been enough to protect them.

In a just society, systems are put into place to make sure that the weakest and the unluckiest get the help they need it when they need it. If we don’t want the government to do this job, fine – insurance companies can opt to take on that responsibility. But then it becomes a responsibility, higher than the profit motive.
Our society has been high jacked by an oligarchy who prize their own profit above all else and who view any who don’t exist at their own exalted heights to be disposable. We are merely the natural resource to be used up in their unrelenting profit-making machines. And I am not talking about the poor, or the factory worker, or the teacher, or the mid-level manager. I’m talking about all of us.

We need a change of government, of system, of thinking. We need a realignment of ethics that puts the health and happiness of the people back in the center of what we are trying to achieve.

Bitcoin is not that panacea.


But it is a start. It is the start of taking power out of the hands of the oligarchs, giving them one less tool to use against us.

We are at the start of a decentralized revolution – one where information, money, education, government, and work will all slowly devolve to the people. And we will all be better for it.