Zilliqa [ZIL] updates on their project of spreading Sharding

Zilliqa updates on their recent travels on spreading Sharding. The presentation event, Sharding in Action & Security by Design took place on May 23rd, 2018. It was an exciting event for both the community and team of Zilliqa.

Zilliqa is known for its approach on Sharding, which saves the time expended on computing data. It is aiming to become the fastest decentralized platform for blockchain in the industry of its technology.

The community of Zilliqa is attending events worldwide, speaking, and spreading their major updates. However, since these are events that happen concurrently, the team is split into groups to travel to multiple continents and cover the events.

  • In New York, they attended the Blockchain Week NYC and were given the honor to be featured on CryptoTraders on CNBC.
  • There was also a meetup held with Enigma, where the CEO of Enigma, Guy Zyskind co-hosted and presented an AMA. Though it’s a startup, it has grown immensely. It was founded by the faculty of computing of NUS [National Universiy of Singapore]. It is a public blockchain who are pioneers in the blockchain technology, of allowing linear scaling of the growth of the blocks in the technology.
  • In Asia, the TechInAsia festival had incorporated a ‘Blockchain Stage’ and invited Amrit, a member of the Zilliqa community to present their keynote on the stability of blockchain technology and security in a smart contract. There was also a presentation on Smart contract and Sharding where Amrit and Saiba explained and presented there work.
  • In London, Scilla was presented at King’s College London.

The faculty has also mentioned the updates on their technology. They are currently testing on their testnet and implementing an interpreter, as well as the interfaces of blockchain for their new contract smart language, Scilla.

They announced that they will release more updates on Scilla and their outreach programs as well as their non- dilutive $5 million program to build on Zilliqa.

They also mentioned that they will be launching their Mainnet with smart contracts beta in Q3, their Testnet 2.o with alpha in Q2, anchor dApps in Q4 and the work on storage and interoperability next year, 2019.

Kuji, a Twitter user commented:

“Show some love to the Bolt global ICO! First ICO launching on zilliqa.”

Shahzad replied:

“What update sir see zil price continuously down and down what is this sir.”

Jerry13888 replied:

“I love the theory and was so excited when I heard about it, but a 400m cap is ridiculous.”

mattheww616 commented:

“This is originating from the digibyte dumbass I’m assuming?”

xwvatnai replied:

“It’s pretty difficult to consistently control 2/3 of every shard on the network, including the DS committee.”

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