Will Litecoin [LTC] maintain its position in the crypto-rankings?

Litecoin [LTC] was the next coin to follow up the latest trend of price rise in the cryptomarket. The coin is having a green trend against the dollar. Litecoin is currently ranked 6th in the crypto-rankings with a market cap of $9,534,658,655 and a volume of $706,317,000. It is priced at $169.02 with a declining growth rate of 5.72% over the past 24 hours. The coin has had a surge rate of 11.15% over the past week. The prices dropped due to rumors circulating that Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin would leave its own coin.

Litecoin scaled over $160 on 3rd May and crossed over $180 on 5th May before falling down to $169. The coin has also increased its supply to 84 million which far surpasses Bitcoin’s 21 million. Earlier in the week, Litecoin had a close battle with Cardano with each coin surpassing the other in rankings, Litecoin eventually ended up winning the battle after its latest surge.

7 days chart of LTC

7 days chart of LTC

Many market analysts and investors confirmed that Litecoin is a much better and cheaper alternative to Bitcoin. Experts predict that the coin will surpass Bitcoin’s price by the end of 2018.

MiraJane, a crypto-investor says:

“2 Months Ago #LTC price Was Like $14 and Today You Have People Whining, Ranting, Raving And Carrying On! Ametuers! The Best Time To Buy LTC Was Yesteryear!  Think About It! HODL It & BOTL it”

Litecoin was ranked 3rd in the cryptocurrencies preferred by Americans after a survey was conducted. Litecoin also has a faster transaction time, with the coin being able to make four times more transactions that Bitcoin.

Kristern, A Twitter user says:

“Dare I spy an inverted head and shoulders on the LTC day chart? Get ready for a huge rise in its price. It’s finally going to happen.”

Jordan, a Twitter user says:

“Yeah! Litecoin is really a coin worth looking at! It has tremendous upside potential.”

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