Vitalik Buterin takes to Twitter to respond to the ‘Secret Meeting’

Ethereum being an open-source computing platform, where the apps run on a custom built blockchain is all about user sovereignty. In the aftermath of the ‘secret meeting’ that was held in Toronto later this Tuesday. Vitalik Buterin, the Co-founder of Ethereum has come out clean on his Twitter account by stating that he was not aware of what happened at the meeting and that it was organized without his prior knowledge or permission.

Francis Pouliot, the Co-founder of Catallaxy called upon this private meeting to discuss the decision-making procedures on Ethereum that is related to blockchain decentralization when it comes to advances in the mining technology. The major issues revolved around figuring out ways to return frozen funds and whether to reject mining hardware advances or not.

Their aim is to create tools that will support decentralized technologies without any sign of possible vigilance. Lane Rettig, Ethereum Developer stated that:

“The event was not secret, in fact, we live-streamed a lot of it and also did a public AMA. There is no ‘Ethereum Management Committee’ and no rules were made.”

Governance issues in the Ethereum eco-space that has come about with the increasing popularity of the network’s growth and clashing opinions on the basis of technical direction was another major part of the discussion. The meeting’s members mostly consisted of people from various start-ups and non-profit organizations. Members from ‘The Ethereum Foundation’, ‘MetaMask’, ‘the Web3 Foundation’, ‘Giveth’, were among the significant few who made it to the meeting called “EIP:0”.

Dan Finlay from Ethereum wallet MetaMask claimed later at a public meeting:

“There’s a very strong voice for immutability on channels like Reddit. I’m seriously suspicious of those. Maybe they’re sock puppets. I did not see them very well represented here.”

Ensuring trust on the grounds of a blockchain transaction where nobody can erase any information is of utmost importance to the Ethereum Project where the specifications of Casper FFG have already been posted.

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