Verge [XVG]’s popularity index growing at an exponential rate

At 5:00AM UTC, Verge is currently trading at a price of $0.075 with a market capitalization of $1.27 billion. The market was showing a bearish trend yesterday, but gradually in the last 24 hours it had increment by 7.29%. Verge has reached the global market as it is listed on huge grossing exchange platforms. After the partnership with Pornhub and Steamlab, the value of XVG has skyrocketed as these associations are enabling Verge to reach the globalized community.

XVG's 7 days chart

XVG’s 7 days chart

Verge is in the center of the crypto-sphere as many people are following up on the recent commotion and popularity it received from the crypto community. A Verge-enthusiast says that he will accept XVG for making personalized websites.

Yesterday, Chris a Twitterati made a public announcement that he would be accepting Verge [XVG] and Tokenpay [TPAY] for developing websites. The tweet was sent from Chris’ official Twitter account, he endorses cryptocurrency over fiat.

According to Chris’ Twitter page, he is a software programmer and is known for developing websites. He made a statement that he would accept cryptocurrency (Verge and TokenPay) as it is way cheaper than fiat. He exclaims that the freelance developer would cost more than what he has to offer.

Jeramy Simpson a Twitter user comments:

“What are your plans for hosting? Would you be interested in paying for hosting using TPAY or XVG? Currently working on integrating AWS into my freelancer platform and accepting crypto is definitely on my list.”

Chris replies saying:

“It really depends on the end user’s use case. For simple personal websites, firebase provides free hosting and plenty of resources. If it were something more complex or resource dependant AWS would probably be the way to go.”

Another Twitterati says:

“This is very cool going to keep an eye on it. Good job man”

Dev, a Crypto-analyst says:

“Verge is hiking up because of its partnership with Pornhub and Steamlab. Off course the popularity has been gained but the appraisal goes to Verge team for choosing such smart contracts with popular companies.”

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