Verge [XVG] still at the brink of another attack? Community argues

Ever since Verge [XVG] announced its partnership with Pornhub, it became a hot topic to debate on amongst the Verge community. The partnership brought a rift in the community with one side supporting Verge and the other opposing it. But recently, Verge [XVG] faced a 51% attack for the second time which led to a ruckus in the market.

The 51% attack faced by Verge in the recent days led to people believing that the Verge Devs did nothing the first time it was attacked but merely brushed off the topic by announcing partnerships after partnerships and sweeping the community’s attention towards it.

The attacker exploited a vulnerable code and manipulated it to set false timestamps on the Verge blockchain. The attacker had complete control of two algorithms out of the five. This led to 35 million XVG being exploited as the multi-algorithm approach was used for mining on block 2155850 and 2206272.

The first time the attack took place, almost 20 million XVG was lost to the miners and the second attack took place with the use of the same technique. The second attack also led to a conflict between Verge Currency and Charlie Lee, the Creator of Litecoin and a tiff took place on Twitter where both the side were throwing shade at each other.

Charlie Lee tweeted:

“Verge mining is being exploited again. Someone has 51% attacked and taken over the Verge network again. PornHub transactions are being reversed!”

To which Verge Currency said he was being ‘real smart’ by bashing the coin which is partnered with a company that might have an NDA with Litecoin that is partnered with XVG.

The tiff ended with Charlie Lee saying that whatever may have happened or might happen will not stop him from saying the truth.

Verge has started to work on an emergency hardfork in order to fix this issue but most of the members in the community seem to disagree with this move and claim that this will hold only for the short-run and cannot be set as the solution in the long-run.

In addition, the Verge Community on Reddit continues to argue that Verge [XVG] code is still exploitable despite the attempt of fixing it by the Verge Dev.

MattOmatic50 says:

“The guy is a complete amateur. The tests in the codebase haven’t been updated in the master branch for FOUR months!! So, he’s trying to fix critical flaws, but not updating and running tests, probably because all the tests are copied from other codebases and he doesn’t understand how to modify them. For non coders, unit tests are an absolutely essential part of production code. The unit tests are run after code changes to ensure you haven’t broken anything else or that your new code will actually work.”

CarsonS9, a Reddit user says:

“Why is he even called a “Dev” at this point?? lol just call him the CSO – Chief Scam Officer….dude obviously has no clue about blockchain development. The code is just a mess of copy/paste”

Lord Garrius, a Redditor says:

First: Verge is a scam. Second: honestly, if you arent a programmer just shut the fuck up with the ‘took him 48 hours what a shitty dev’ bullshit. You are displaying how fucking ignorant and naive you are. Sometimes finding a bug can take days and the bug could be one wrong letter. Thats how code works. All of you dumbfucks with no idea how any of this tech works deserve to lose your money in crypto”

MobBarin, replies:

“The bug and its cause was known to him for 2 months. He even knew what code he needed to change. This was all told to him multiple times. He was too adamant to fix it and just band-aided instead. If you don’t know the context of this shit, don’t make yourself look stupid.”

MobBarin further adds to a thread which speaks about just fixing the bug by hiring someone else. He says:

“Nu-uh ‘community coin’. They don’t hire anyone, but they pay through their noses for ads on pornhub. Guess we all know where their priorities are.”

According to CoinMarketCap, Verge [XVG] is currently trading at $0.042 with a market cap of $630 million and has seen a significant rise of more than 4% in the past 24 hours. The coin has dipped to the 32nd rank every since the attack.

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