Verge [XVG] is not just about partnerships – here is the new wallet UI

Verge [XVG] has been delivering performance according to its schedule as promised by its Founder, Justin Vendetta in the past few weeks. The team has been coming up with announcements one after the other.

The most popular name that pops out in anybody’s head when a partnership is mentioned in the crypto industry is Ripple. But now Verge is giving a tough competition with over pouring announcements and listings in various exchanges after the hyped partnerships with PornHub and few other big sites.

The team has been working on the backend and have been thriving to offer a very user-friendly wallet and interface along with other necessary updates as convenient to the users. Verge team’s official web/UI designer, Waveon3, as his Twitter name states, has been working on a new look for their existing wallet and has come up with modifications.

Verge's updated wallet

Verge’s updated wallet

VergeGirl, a Verge enthusiast tweeted:

“The new wallet looks amazing!! Great job! @waveon3 $xvg #xvg #vergecurrency #vergefam $btc.”

Marpme, an engineer at XVG also tweeted:

“Splash Screen incoming Thank you for the awesome design @waveon3 Feels very good #vergefam #vergearmy #verge $XVG (sarcasm disclaimer: loading time is very low and cloud still be faster lol.)”

Verge's updated wallet

Verge’s updated wallet

A further update is still being worked on. The designer has also announced a short contest to get people’s contributions through art display on the Verge wallet splash screen.

Verge's announcement on Twitter

Verge’s announcement on Twitter

The team received a huge feedback from the community as a response to the internationalization that the team had implemented a few days ago. As a result of the feedback, the team has now released an update with the possibility and convenience to the users to switch languages and currency of their choice independently.

XVG, their own token has been doing fairly good even though it has not been stable with its position in the market. It has been hopping between 26th and 24th position for a long time and has now settled in the 26th with a market cap of $1.08 billion and the current trading value is at $0.072.

Keith Belch, a Verge wallet user says:

“Great work buddy…. You nailed it, keep up the excellent work. This will be one of the best wallets out there and I will be the happiest user.”

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