Tron [TRX]’s Odyssey to embark a new era in saga of Blockchains

With just two days to go, the Tron HODLers are super excited about the news, especially with Justin Sun providing diligent updates on his Twitter account. It is scheduled that the Mainnet will be released on 31st May 2018.

Odyssey 2.0, the Mainnet has been in the spotlight for a while, in the cryptocurrency world. It embarks a new era in the saga of blockchain whilst raising the standards for higher performance, availability, and scalability of blocks.

The CEO of Tron had recently provided an FAQ [Frequent asked questions] on his Twitter. The questions are solely on the Mainnet and what will come after for the Tron community.

From 31st May to 24th June, Odyssey 2.0 will undergo severe testing which is open to the public before announcing its independence. Later, on 25th June, with the consensus of its community, the Genesis block will be created, which will acknowledge the launch of Tron Protocol independently.

Although the Mainnet release is a milestone in the technical sense, the launch on 25th June is an operation in a large-scale. He further adds that the next step is to unite the Tron community and a million together for the finale of Odyssey 2.0.

There will be adequate time given to the investors and users to sync and download Odyssey 2.0, with the given rules and guidelines. They will need to learn and be familiar with the upgraded version of the Mainnet.

Justin Sun has answered the fearsome question of token migration. He stated that customers will not have to go through token migration on 31st May, because the exchange partners are responsible for the tokens migrating, yet the users will be given notices regarding the token migration.

Tron is partnered with over 50 exchange platforms across the globe. The period of time given to them is sufficient for them to adapt. In this 25-day period, the Tron community and team will communicate with developers, representatives, and exchanges to make sure that the complete ecosystem is ready and prepared for the Tron Protocol independence on 25th June.

Tron’s Protocol has gone through rigorous testing. Their technical team has worked on 216 regression testings. They have built 15 TRON blockchains and 102 wallet apps, which adds to its diverse ecosystem.

Mr. Sun assures his users that the upgrade is reliable and holds a secure technology. The core developers and the community across the world have submitted 2,00 commits, covering 384 unit tests and merging over 500 forks. After many iterations, the Tron Protocol has 102 new features.

It also includes the key feature called “Bandwidth-based mode”, which increases security against DDoS attacks. Currently, these attacks have been frequent in the cryptocurrency market.

Troxico, a Twitter user commented:

“Altcoin should be paired with fiat instead of btc so we can determine the real value of a coin.”

Anonymous replied:

“bhai please avoid tweeting till mainnet because of ir tweet price is dipping for god sake deactivate ur twitter account #tron”

CryptoDuck commented:

“This is so fricking exciting. At the time of writing this, Ethereum congestion is 35 minutes. TRON will handle that traffic in 5 seconds.”

Jason commented:

“Justin! I would like a license to make tron t-shirts in Europe please.”

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