Tron [TRX]’s assurance to the community to overtake Ethereum [ETH] soon

Tron is 1/3rd of the way through 2018 and is rejoicing the fact that they belong to the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world, as of this month. As the rank stabilizes, the team continues to maintain a high standard of excellence, claims the team in a letter written to the community. Adding on, they said, TRX is one of the highest performing cryptocurrencies in 2018.

They now aim to barge into the top 6 list of largest virtual currencies across the globe. As of January 5th, ‘they have achieved this already during Tron’s astounding sprint out the gate’, declared the letter by Justin Sun. Further, they said sternly:

“we will reclaim and secure the title, which will mark Tron’s global status as a mainstream public blockchain and lay a solid foundation for competition with Ethereum.”

They are pretty clear with the fact that their own blockchain on release, will be exponentially faster than Ethereum and will spark a revolution for blockchain developers. The Tron Labs team had earlier stated that their main net which will debut on March 31st has achieved speeds 100x than Ethereum during testing.

Mainnet v Odyssey 2.0, as mentioned earlier will be launch according to the plan on May 31st and to mention the fact that this version has undergone stringent benchmark tests which achieved a TPS 100 times above Ethereum. Tron is Java-based which provides a developer-friendly environment and thus, the industry will break away from Ethereum and its low-efficiency, congestion-prone network, high fees, and steep learning curve declared the letter from the team.

Given that they are now in the top 10, each of their moves will signify a weighted change in the crypto structure, they mentioned. When observed keenly, out of the top 10 currencies, Tron is the youngest of them all and as they state they are the most professional with a team that brings experience from mainstream internet companies like Alibaba.

They stated:

“Compared to most stagnant crypto companies, Tron is agile and embraces change. In 2018 we will bring our young, professional approach, one that embraces change, into the lax and conservative structure of old. Our mindset is crucial for the healthy development of the cryptocurrency industry.”

Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron tweeted:

“Backed by a young, professional, adaptable team, $TRX is officially in #crypto top 10, aiming for top 6. Stay tuned for 5/25 Tron VM 2.0, 5/31 Main net, 6/26 SR Election, and more. 2018 is just the beginning. Watch us take the world by storm.”

Crypto Pacman, a Twitterati says:

“Your little brother $ocn will be right behind you in spot #7. $Trx$ocn going to make me retire early.”

Pepe Ciccia, a Tron enthusiast said addressing Justin:

“Absolutely magnificent, I support your vision entirely. Great success now, tomorrow and the future to you Justin Sun and your entire team.”

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