Tron [TRX] fell down to #11 – retracted back soon

Earlier today, TRON [TRX]’s market capitalization fell below the $5.3 billion margin. TRON was overtaken by NEO with a difference of 70 million and stood 10th. At press time TRX is trading at a price of $0.082 after a long bearish run. The current market capitalization is $5.45 billion with a circulating supply volume worth $444.5 million.

The market for TRX is experiencing a downward flow as the prices are drastically falling in the last 24-hours. The price charts depict that prices have fallen by 7.12% in the past day. As of now a decrease of 1.09% is highlighted in the last one hour. Since TRX was having a bull run prior to today’s fall, the week’s drop percentage is just 3.3% which is further compensating for today.

On the 12th of April, TRON community was given an announcement by Justin Sun about the TRON Super Representative Elections. The elections are going to take place on the 26th of June after the TRON Mainnet launch, which is concluding on 21st June. Exodus is the name given to this newly developed blockchain, which will be the transition of TRON from Ethereum network to the TRON platform.

Kareen, a blockchain enthusiast says:

“This guy is a part of illuminati, trying to take over the world. How come he has such good connections with such great business leaders.”

Robyn Lyn, a Twitterati says:

“Justin! We’re trying our best to understand the current applications for TRX and how it impacts us beyond the exchanges within the business economy and our daily lives. Loving your “heal the Internet” movement. How will TRX take that into application?”

Frank Hiller, a crypto-analyst says:

“I see that the MACD indicates the point is going to come when the buying and selling price curves are going to intersect. That indicates an inflating market as the buying  curve is dropping hard.”

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