Tim “Drake” Draper – The Bitcoin [BTC] hustler

The animated billionaire, Tim Draper addressed the crowd at a technology conference in Amsterdam on Friday. He intoned few words about Bitcoin [BTC] in his speech and got the crowd’s attention through his rhythm.

The Bitcoin [BTC] enthusiast and entrepreneur, earlier predicted that Bitcoin will reach a value of $250,000 in 2022. He mentioned this prediction in his book and stands by it.

Earlier, on 23rd May, he presented his vision for digital governments based on blockchain technology in an opening keynote speech at the GovTech Pioneers Conference.

He explained this vision for the future, in terms of Healthcare:

“Insurance, healthcare, and the real estate industry are offering a terribly poor service and need a lot of money. Governments that burn a lot of money for the worst service feel that first.”

He stuck to his prediction that Bitcoin will soar to $250,000 by 2022. In the Next Web conference, he spoke about the potential in technology regarding the banks and venture capital. He spoke about his hopes about cryptocurrency, the new world order, and his bullish beliefs about the token, Bitcoin [BTC].

He also believes that fiat currency will lose its value, he said:

“So, you’ll go in and try to buy coffee with fiat and the barista will laugh at you.. Because there is so much more friction with fiat currency than there is with cryptocurrency. And I think you’ll be able to buy it with Bitcoin, Ether, or Bitcoin Cash.”

In 2014, he made a purchase of 30,000 BTC when it was trading at $650 at a public auction. However, it was seized by the US authorities from Silk Road.

He ended his on-stage interview by a rap on cryptocurrency:

“Wherever you are,
Thank you for Bitcoin, the blockchain and more
You started this snowball from the top of the hill
And now it’s pervasive
It’s the people’s will
It’s the people’s will
We want a new world order
We want to play across the border
Just wanna be a Hodler
on my Bitcoin hustle
on my Bitcoin hustle
on my Bitcoin hustle
Get your hustle going
Flex that crypto muscle

Draper’s rap stirred mixed responses on Twitter.

Daudi Mitchell replied:

“I feel his flow, I am just accumulating as much as I could on this dip, the hustle is real….Hustling on the sound monetary wisdom of Satoshi”

Lee Mingione commented:

“Don’t be hustled by the hustler man” He’s made a mint by suckering us dam” Sell off and hustle the hustler man”. “ Put ur money on BlockChain bang and watch the hustler cry oh man”.. my song for the hustler man!”

Even Bloomberg Crypto retweeted:

“I just wanna be a Hodler on my Bitcoin hustle”: This billionaire rapped about crypto at an Amsterdam conference.”

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