“The blockchain is a magic wand” – John McAfee

John McAfee stuck to his bullish prediction for Bitcoin, among other things, on a Twitter interview with Adel de Meyer, the co-founder of ‘The Crypto Collectors’. He described blockchain as one of the biggest events in the history of human culture, saying:

“An event seldom changes our culture in ways that can be clearly seen, measured and felt. In the past 200 years, there have been two events. The first was The Industrial revolution. The second was the digital revolution. I think that the Blockchain will dwarf both.”

He also said that blockchain is the ‘engine’ that would allow us to access human potential in ways that would accelerate human evolution, going on to say that the blockchain can support any distributed structure. He said:

“If existing companies transformed to operate on the blockchain, all functions would be distributed. There would be no more bosses, no hierarchical organization, no power of influence greater than anyony [sic] else.”

He also explored the potential of blockchain as a disruptor in today’s hierarchical power systems, saying ‘math can precisely transform hierarchical systems into distributed systems’ and that the limiting factor would be the flexibility of humans. He went on to ask whether we, as humans, can ‘abdicate our power in favor of a new order’.

When asked about his opinion on the politics of technological revolutions and whether technology should be free of politics, McAfee said that technology can be used for good and bad, citing the example of the nuclear bomb and nuclear energy. He said:

“The blockchain is a magic wand. What world would you like to see appear before your eyes? Think carefully before you wave it.”

He said that he is ‘more certain than ever’ about his famously bullish prediction for Bitcoin to reach a value of $1 Million by 2020. He also remarked that Golem Network [GNT] is his favorite altcoin at the moment, saying:

“It is a decentralized way of using your spare computing power in conjoined effort with any other member of the community to help massive projects otherwise impossible to accomplish. I like conservation in software.

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