Stellar Foundation Co-founder’s Consensus 2018 panel talk a success or failure?

Stellar, which has been in the news for many reasons in the recent times, including its price drop in the recent bearish market, announces something which it describes is really cool.

They announced that the Co-Founder of Stellar Development Foundation, Jed McCaleb is part of the Consensus 2018 panel. In a market that witnessed Stellar Lumens’ price suffer, this could be a huge boost to the community, hearing from an executive member first hand in a live stream of the event. The event was attended by 8000 people.

The Blockchain Week is believed to be a very rewarding event for the cryptocurrencies. It is to bring a positive impact and boost the cryptocurrency prices in the market. It has done so previously and could be highly influential in the current suffering market. This was an opportunity for the Stellar executive to reach out to its community and promote HODLers.e

In the event, Consensus 2018, Jed failed to impress the community members as many believed he did not have a command over his speech and failed to even remember the price of Stellar Lumens in the current market. A few furious comments were shared following the slip of Jed but many stood in his support as well. They showed true loyalty towards the coin and the foundation.

The reactions following the event flowed on multiple social media platforms.

Irene, a Twitter user commented:

“Very disappointed of JED.. He doesnt even know what the price is for LUMENS.. wow. If he doesnt care why should i care to hold? im about to unload all lumens.. Jed is also a horrible speaker..very disappointed.”

Issac Lee tweeted:

“The more Jed is silent about the the use and price of XLM, HODL’er is not happy. Jesse lund of IBM is also is unclear about use/price of XLM. Im telling you, if XLM is solely for utility – its massively overvalued. If its portrayed as store of value/utility, it has more upside”

A community member Paul jumped in defense, he said:

“I feel he is right here the main thing Jed needs to worry about is the stellar product and getting it mainstream,, i don’t want Jed worrying too much about the price,, if he can bring stellar lumens mainstream the price will take care of its self”

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