Shopify ties-up with CoinPayments, supporting more than 300 cryptocurrencies

CoinPayments is an open and adaptive payment system where cryptocurrency payments are easy and secure. They combine leading-edge technology to bridge cryptocurrencies with legacy payment systems into a universal value processing platform based on open and democratic values. When they began, they were the very first multi-coin payment processor in the world way back in 2013. “We built, managed, and grew the entire system,” says the CEO, Alexander.

They have now announced a new tie-up with Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform to sell goods online through various mediums.

They tweeted earlier today:

“CoinPayments has partnered with Shopify, enabling merchants to accept over 300+ cryptocurrencies in exchange for goods. @Shopify integration is now live and any store can easily add CoinPayments as a payment option. Happy Shopping!”

Nakamotoclothingco commented on a forum:

“We already set it up on our site Nakamoto Clothing Co… It’s great, easy to set up and a nice alternative to BitPay! Integrating with Shopify is HUGE, excited to see more mainstream adoption!”

CoinCrazy66, a Twitterati says:

“I don’t think some people will realize how awesome this actually is ;)”

The global crypto payment processor, CoinPayments had also announced an airdrop launch of its own utility token – the CPS coin prior to this on May 12th. Additionally, the company also plans to lower its transaction and conversion fees for token holders while enhancing the user interface called CoinPayments 3.0 this year, reported Cointelegraph. This will provide digital merchants and wallet holders with a better and more friendly experience, the company representatives mentioned.

Blockchain Bonus tweeted:

“Coinpayments Inc. #AIRDROP & Platform Offering Plugins for many popular web carts // … via @airdropcentral.”

Viking, a Twitterati says:

“You bet! My gallery acceptsn$crytpo via @CoinPaymentsNET 🙂 it’s all built in, just proceed to checkout as normal.”

CoinPayments’ earlier tweet stated:

“With over 400+ Altcoins processed on our platform, CoinPayments is the De Facto leader of altcoin payment processing in the world! You’re welcome.”

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