Shark Tank’s Shark, Barbara swims in Bitcoins [BTC] ocean

Shark Tank’s judge Barbara Corcoran in a recent interview with Money, exclaimed her excitement for Bitcoin. In the interview, she talks about Bitcoin and how positive she is regarding the cryptocurrency world.

She says:

“I’m being very optimistic because, as a long-term play, it’s perfectly suited for real estate transactions.”

Corcoran, who sold the New York City real estate agency she founded for $66 million in 2001, talks about how Bitcoin play a major role in the market and is the future of Real Estate transactions.

She goes ahead to say:

“It makes great common sense”

Barbara Corcoran has been a “Shark” i.e. an investor on the world famous show called Shark Tank, wherein potential entrepreneurs from around the globe come on a single platform to pitch their business ideas.

Currently, Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is 80 million USD. She’s an influencer to the aspiring businesswomen as well as she makes a great impact on the young society despite the age gap.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency of the crypto world. Being the first decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin has attracted many celebrities and gained the attention of known investors from different sectors and regions.

When Barbara was asked what makes her feel so about Bitcoin, she answered:

“It’s peer-to-peer, with no central anything, and that’s why it’s so powerful, such transactions, allow buyers greater privacy. The main idea is to eliminate the middle guy.”

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