Safe landing for Verge [XVG] – meet-up in Amsterdam

On the 9th of June, Verge will be holding a meet-up in Amsterdam. According to the Verge currency website, the meet-up will be hosted on a cruise in the Amsterdam canals. The event will be focused on the verge currency project, the blockchain development, and other related developments in the crypto space.

The crypto-sphere had experienced a major drop as the market was trading below the average ground. Verge [XVG] had recently hit the headlines for crafting mass-popularity via its new partnerships. As CoinMarketCap depicts the token has been kicked out of the top 25 league and has fallen from 1 billion market capitalization.

Sabastian a market behavior analyst says:

“The outlook of Verge while partnering up with Pornhub was very narrow as it can be witnessed with a drop in its price. It just gave them a mass popularity apart from that the economically it has not benefited yet. Practically talking out of all the people who use Pornhub maybe few seek for membership and only few would like to pay for it. Porn is a free man.”

On the 12th of May, the market capitalization for Verge [XVG] had dropped down to $822 million. The value dropped to $0.05 and has managed to surface it till $0.06 at the time of writing. In the seven day margin, the price has only seen a decline by 20%.

The market has seen an incline as the capitalization has reached $902 with a circulating supply worth $ 28 million.

James Donovans says:

“The crypto den is a fantastic community. Heaps of experts to help new people to the space to learn everything there is to know about crypto”

Verge Jesus a Twitterati says:

“I honestly don’t think so. We spend all the money on pornstars and lambo’s instead of fancy suits and watches.”

Eric Nottk a Twitterati says:

“Does Verge have a presence at the consensus this year? I can’t find anything about them and I can’t understand why. I am all in on Verge. Thanks.”

A Redditor says:

“Give all hopes on Verge as I expected it to be in a better position after all that endorsements. But people really don’t care.”

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