Rothschild enters Crypto-world – “Old-money socialites” in “Modern digital currency?”

Rothschild, a 200-year-old banking dynasty, is a British multinational investment banking company that was founded by the Rothschilds family. The financial advisory of Rothschilds is known to serve the Royal family. The company, over time, has made a fortune with their involvement in the government bond market.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum tweeted:

“Are “the Rothschilds” actually remotely as powerful and coordinated as the conspiracy theorists seem to believe, or are they just a group of old-money socialites and all that other stuff is overhyped?
Help me learn and decide!”

Along with the tweet, he added a Reddit discussion link for his fellow followers to share their opinions.

Vbuterin commented on discussion panel saying:

“If old-money-type high society people want to make their own currencies, go ahead, more power to them; see you in the moderately-free market.”

Quite a few Redditors shared their opinion regarding this,

Selastil, a Redditor commented:

“You don’t seem to understand the threat they post to the Ethereum project. Through their networks and lobbying groups, they will create a new currency and use their existing networks to strangle the life out of any opposition currencies. They will begin pushes to “regulate” Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects and cut off the ability for money to enter and leave the ecosystem by coordinating banks to refuse dealings with crypto or create laws that attack crypto projects.”

Rothschild is working on their own blockchain and currency as of now. Their coin will mostly refer to as “IMMO”. The production of a private blockchain will empower the Rothschild administration to securely direct inside exchanges and they will be carrying their legacy even in IMMO tokens.

Having noteworthy capital in their ownership, gathered in different nations, sooner or later, as many cryptocurrency influencers believe, the Rothschild most likely will start a revolution in the crypto world.

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