Purse.io announces ‘bcash,’ a bcoin implementation for Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

On 18th May, at the Coingeek conference in Hong Kong, Purse.io announced native support for Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

Steven Bower, the VP of Engineering at Purse announced a BCH implementation called ‘bcash’, which is a Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Javascript library for node.js, an open source server environment. Bcash implementation will be an addition to the already existing Bitprim, Parity, unlimited, Bitcoin ABC and XT.

They tweeted:

“Announcing Bitcoin Cash coming to Purse! Plus: Launching now: ‘bcash’ – a bcoin (JS) implementation for Bitcoin Cash! AAANND we’re giving $10 #cashback to shoppers using BCH in the month of June! (with a prize pool for Earners!)”

According to the official website of Purse, the update will go live by the end of May and is currently being tested. It further states:

“once Bitcoin Cash goes live, users who missed the post-fork withdrawal period will be happy to see their balance restored.”

However, they have also made it clear that ‘bcash’ is being introduced as an implementation and not a currency.

With a mission to ‘make crypto useful’, Purse allows its users to buy items at a discounted price from Amazon when the payment is made with Bitcoin. It has been popular for the same, since 2014. Majority of the developers at Purse believe in permission-less innovation and open source and contribute to it.

On 15th May, Andrew Lee, the CEO of Purse tweeted:

“Purse has been paying everyone in Bitcoin since 2014. A few months ago, Purse changed the default salary from BTC to BCH to reduce payroll fees. Stay tuned for updates about native BCH.”

Eric L, a crypto enthusiast tweeted:

“I knew it was only a matter of time Purse. I called this many many months ago! Glad to see you stuck to the only sensible solution despite the BTC trolls that might have disturbed you. I loved purse before but now I love it on a whole new level. I’ll stick with Purse for life!”

Another Twitter user commented:

“Great! With #BCH’s low transaction fees and your discounts, it now makes more sense to purchase through @PurseIO. I have a feeling business is going to pick up. gratz!”

Dean Carico commented:

“Why take Btrash? Somebody pay you off? Nasty stuff”

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