OmiseGO [OMG] goes live on India’s top crypto exchange platform

Unocoin, the top cryptocurrency exchange platform in India has just announced that they have listed OmiseGO [OMG] on their platform. Unocoin users can now trade, buy and sell the cryptocurrency on their exchange platform.

The platform announced the news on their Twitter and on the Unocoin app. The statement said:

“OmiseGO is now live at Unocoin. Start trading!”

OmiseGO is an ERC20 token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The OmiseGO network allows for scaling of finance on Ethereum and enables transparent P2P transactions in real time. They are partnered with significant financial institutions such as SBI Investment, East Ventures, SMBC, Ascend Capital and Krungsri Finnovate.

The OmiseGO network allows for app-building with the included SDK, management of digital assets, a decentralized exchange platform and secure transactions using Ethereum’s smart contracts.

On the price side, OmiseGO is conforming to the bearish trend seen by the market this week with a 16.41% decline in price over the week. It started the week close to the $13 limit at a price of $12.94 on May 16th. It quickly reached its high this week at $13.56 on May 17th.

It began a decline to $12.20, and attempted a recovery to above $13 and failed, reaching a high of $12.73 on May 18th. It broke the $13 resistance on May 20th, reaching a high of $13.20 before beginning a gradual decline over 3 days, eventually coming to rest at its current trading price of $10.91.

Unocoin is one of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It was founded on the heels of Bitcoin’s first explosion in popularity in 2013. It aims to be a top global player in cryptocurrencies.

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