New Verge [XVG] patch update available on GitHub – Would this solve the havoc created by the DDOS attack?

Kris Chase, the Marketing and Operations advisor of Verge recently tweeted about a patch that has been updated on GitHub by the development team.

The patch includes the binary pre-compiled wallet feature that has been made available for all the platforms. In the GitHub description, developers also mentioned that instead of joining a mining pool, the miners can use the wallet to mine by themselves. The process is being called Solo Mining.

Tweet by Kris Chase

Tweet by Kris Chase

Kris posted the much-publicized Distributed Denial of Service [DDOS] attack on the Verge network. Various sources say that almost 35 million XVG coins were exploited by using a multi-algorithm approach to mining. 

Prior to the patch announcement on GitHub, Kris tweeted:

#VergeFam – We’ve heard your voice. @justinvendetta is currently in #beastmode & working on the patch. Thank you for your patience. We will update accordingly as we know more.
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Users across various social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit continue to discuss the initiatives taken by Verge in order to overcome the after-effects of the attack.

A Redditor named Robo56 says:

It’s crazy that it’s even taking this long. The only reason the attack stopped is because the attacker decided to stop, not because the devs acted quickly to prevent this from happening…again.”

Another Redditor named KriptoKarma says:

People simply don’t know much about blockchains. They can’t just be “patched”. They are using database terminology to avoid the fact that the integrity of the ledger is completely fu**** beyond all repair. You have been warned.”

Brian Hacker, a cryptocurrency trader says:

“I see no communication to reassure me that this “patch” won’t result in another hack. What exactly was done to convince the community that this time warp exploit won’t happen again?”

A Twitterati named LariNoar commented:

“This “patch” doesn’t fix the exploit… this was already said beginning of april. You should stop risking your investors money… #vergecurrency #altcoins #xvg #cryptocurrency

A Bitcoin enthusiast says:

“It really doesnt fix it. Now the hackers just have a 10 min window to play with instead of 2h. Same result just a bit more time to execute.”

There are speculations suggesting that Pornhub and Verge [XVG] partnership may be in jeopardy due to the DDOS attack.

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