Nano releases its Universal Block Canary – Faces technical glitch on Binance

Earlier today, the Creator of Nano, Colin LeMahieu announced the release of Nano Universal Block Canary on his Twitter platform. But ever since the announcement, according to some Reddit users, Nano has been facing some technical glitch on Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world.

Colin LeMahieu says:

“Universal block canary has been released! Check your services to see if they’re handling them correctly and let us know of any issues.”

Nano [NANO] previously known as Raiblocks was launched in the year of 2015 by Colin LeMahieu, provides instant transactions with zero fees. The Universal Block Canary allows for faster, more secure and scalable transactions on the NANO blockchain. The update executes the consolidation of the pre-existing block types into one, namely the universal block type; the 4 block-types are open, change, send and receive.

Elementalemmental, a Reddit user says:

“The implementation of universal blocks also signals the release of official and final version mobile and desktop wallets, along with Nano Ledger hardware integration, both happening sometime in the near future. Once these are completed, the devs will finally start their marketing push, and I’m confident they have some interesting plans for adoption.”

Ebliever, a Redditor says:

“I agree that Nano is the best cash replacement, but this article errs in over-criticizing BTC. For example very few sites use 6 confirmations, 3 being the norm. The LN is already running and matches Nano in speed and scalability – but not in simplicity, feelessness or the elimination of miners (environmental impact and centralization threat). We want to persuade Bitcoiners with valid arguments, not irritate them with bad ones.”

Ever since the announcement of the release, some users have been facing transactional issues on Binance. Customers haven’t received their NANO on Binance and the deposits are stuck in the platform. People have started to speculate that the reason behind the issue might be due to the Canary Block. The Binance team hasn’t provided any statement regarding the issue.

Bloodbank5, a Reddit user says:

“I deposited NANO to my Binance wallet about 2 hours ago, but it hasn’t yet appeared. What gives? Transaction shows fully broadcast and confirmed on Nanode. “

Reichardtim, another Redditor says:

“The deposit might not be working because of the 2nd canary block release this morning? It will probably be fine with a day. Not sure if binance needs to update their node.”

According to CoinMarketCap, Nano [NANO] at press time, was trading at $5.70 with a market cap of $759 million and has seen a rise of more than 2% in the past 24 hours.

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