More than 2 billion Stellar Lumens [XLM] distributed to Bitcoin [BTC] holders by

Stellar Lumens is well-known for its stability in the crypto world. They have managed to grab some headline-worthy deals to uplift themselves and improve the society on a whole. The biggest of the partnerships include the revolutionary vision between Stellar and IBM, Stellar and Kin Foundation and the latest being the backup by Nasdaq to name a few.

They have been doing well even in terms of market value and other related activities. One of their recent posts revealed:

“>2 billion XLM distributed to bitcoin holders during last year’s campaign from AUG to OCT 2017 out of a total of 8.13B Lumens distributed so far. 18.57B XLM are now openly held or use for payments and trading among over 400,000 holders.”

Late in March last year, Stellar Lumens had announced their distribution of 16 billion Lumens to Bitcoin holders as part of’s commitment to reserve 19% of the initial Lumens. According to their claims, this was because Bitcoin was a profound inspiration to them during their first Stellar designing.

Their older statements express:

“The Bitcoin network was the first to show that it’s possible for a group of untrusted parties to agree on a common database, and the Bitcoin community still influences our understanding of this technology’s impact.”

chikunGoboom, a Twitterati questions:

“Charlie do have an opinion of stellar? Do you consider them competition?”

Lumens with a market cap of $5.27 billion is at the 8th position with Cardano and Litecoin just above it with some close figures. Lumens has not budged from its position and had balanced its prices during crashes and shoot-ups. When observed, XLM has had a neutral fluctuation since yesterday with 2.16% gain and 1.18% fall from the past hour.

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