Litecoin [LTC] donations implied on 500-year-old growth forest of Native Americans

According to a Reddit post, Litecoin will now support “NDPONICS”, a 500-year-old growth forest protected by Americans. NDPONICS runs agricultural programs and the entire project is handled by Native Americans.

The general mission of NDPonics is to fabricate sway among indigenous people groups. As of now, they are engaged in west-focal Virginia, where they secure assets to embrace an assortment of tasks towards their end, through reinforcing the vitality and nourishment freedom of the Monacan Indian Nation, safeguarding conventional Monacan countries, ensuring the old development woods in that, recovering area to help customary permaculture, and building social limit among Native American Youth.

NDPONICS are a 501c3 assessment excluded association. They now acknowledge in-kind and decentralized money gifts.

The Reddit post says:

“A 500 year old growth forest being protected by native americans and powered by litecoin.. pretty awesome :)”

To which, BTCMONSTER, a Redditor replied:

“OMG, this is legitimately the best news I’ve ever heard.”

Fineant, a Redditor comments:

“:) few people know the value of old growth forests. They are a haven for a variety of flora and fauna. Strength in diversity of species.”

The NGO has posted the barcode ID of Litecoin on their website for donations powered by Litecoin.

NDPONICS on their website quotes:

“We are indigenous. We are for indigenous. NDPonics works to build sovereignty through tribal land conservation, enabling tribal food production, renewable energy installation, and energy efficiency.”

Litecoin has spread its wings in the transactions of various fields including non-profitable organizations. At the time of writing, LTC is traded at $120 with the market cap of $6.8 billion and has seen a rise of 5.6% in the past 24 hours.

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