John McAfee to release crypto-backed fiat “McAfee Coin”?

John McAfee announced earlier today on his Twitter account that he would be launching a currency known as “McAfee Coin”. The currency in question is said to be a fiat currency backed by cryptocurrencies.

The tweet in question was a response to SmartPayMINT, which is an online shop to buy Ledger wallets and other crypto-related products.

John McAfee's tweet

John McAfee’s tweet

John McAfee was in the news last week after his Declaration of Currency Independence was seen as a landmark act in the history of cryptocurrency. It is only natural that he would seek to disrupt traditional fiat norms, by releasing a currency backed by crypto.

The currency in question is a collectible fiat currency whose value is backed up by its value in cryptocurrencies. It is indeed the “reverse of what banks are attempting.”

In an earlier interview with AMBCrypto, McAfee stated that certain unaccountable individuals and organizations were corrupted to the point to where he saw them as gangrene. He believed that the revolution spearheaded by the appearance of cryptos was forthcoming.

His fans on Twitter reacted to the announcement, with user Income Sharks saying:

“A nice mix between Crypto and Fiat. Will be interesting how you distribute the coin if true.”

McAfee replied to this, saying:

“You will love it.”

User J.F. Carpio was bullish on the currency, saying:

“this is how the gold standard will return, also. I’m calling it.”

User Tanke said:

“Come to Spain, you can enjoy. I need to change your fiat currencies backed by cryptos!! Which crypto? New crypto? Btc? Eres un crack!!!”

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