John McAfee, the new fortune teller of cryptocurrency market predicts Bitcoin [BTC], EOS, BTCP, Golem prices

John McAfee, the founder of the global computer security software company has been one of the strong proponent of cryptocurrencies since its origin. It is being noticed that McAfee’s short-term predictions about cryptocurrencies have caught a lot of attention on Twitter and other social media platforms. These predictions have certainly influenced a lot of virtual currency investors and traders over a period of time.

Following is a snippet of his recent cryptocurrency prediction.

John McAfee's cyptocurrency prediction

John McAfee’s cryptocurrency prediction

According to his recent tweet, after this bearish Bitcoin period, with BTC prices dropping below $7500, the prices are expected to rise up to $15,000 in July, after which, it will dip again.  Golem, which is currently priced at $0.46 is expected to rise up to $5, gaining more than 4 times its value by the end of the next two months.

Docademic, ranked #297 is currently priced at $0.144. McAfee believes that the prices will rise up to $0.73 by mid-July. Another altcoin, Bezop, currently ranked at #660 is, at the time of writing, priced at $0.106. He expects the price of Bezop to hit $0.52 by mid-July.

Randy Dubay, a Twitterati commented:

“I try to make my investments long term, but appreciate the short term predictions since if we hit these milestones it reassures me (and I assume others) that we are on the right track.   After withstanding five months of chop it can be difficult to see light at end of the tunnel.”

Shawnster, a Cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Mr. McAfee you just made my day.  Real world deals are always done behind closed doors and media manipulate the “agenda.”@bitcoinprivate is a gem and I’m glad you have their vote of confidence. Bitcoin Private it’s time to shine!”

McAfee’s recent posts regarding his interest in Bitcoin Private [BTCP] is also trending these days. He believes that the prices will rise more than $200 by the end of July. It is currently priced at a mere $21.

McAfee goes ahead to predict the prices of another top 5 coin, EOS. It is currently trading at $12. According to his predictions, he expects the prices to rise up to $32 by the end of July.

A day trader commented on Twitter:

Thanks for #BitcoinPrivate prediction! This project will be a top 10 coin Fast and private transactions ”

Earlier today, John McAfee tweeted again affirming that there are high chances of the market trading to be same as his predictions:

“My short term price predictions: in a major dip, with nearly everything dropping, the price of Docademic doubled since my prediction. The market will turn before June 12th and my predictions will hit. My algorithms predicted Trump’s June 12th date. They have never been wrong.”

Docademic [MTC] has shown a significant hike in the past 7 days with 108.53%. While all the other coins are showing a strong bearish trend since the past 24 hours, MTC is trading at $0.144 with a market cap of $26 million with an increase of 11.47% in the past 24 hours.

MTC 7 days chart

MTC 7 days chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

Hemant Sharma, a Twitterati says:

Trump has dismissed the 12 June meeting and sent it in writing”

Dr. Josh Cotton, a blockchain follower says:

“My analysis shows we should be around $9K right now so my data agrees we are in a dip, but $15K feels high for next month”

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