John McAfee declares ‘currency independence’ from ‘unaccountable individuals’

John McAfee released a document on his website “Currency Independence” titled “The Declaration of Currency Independence”. This marks one of the first “founding documents of the crypto movement” as stated by McAfee in his tweet announcing the document.

The declaration in question starts with the statement:

“History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes.”

The declaration states the separation of one’s self from the common source from which power and control stem is a matter of survival. It speaks about how civilization has fallen under the influence of entities who have the ability to control value through currency. This causes the masses to be controlled by the force of these entities and reduce the value of the “sweat of the brow” to be discerned by this.

It goes on to say:

“The expenditure of energy by man, machine, and Nature is the sole source of Value. These sources and their result have been devalued through the intentional inflation of printed currencies.”

Money and currency are an arbitrary calculation held are influenced by “unaccountable individuals and organizations”. This domination has increased the pressure of finding a viable escape, says the declaration.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the point made by the declaration, as it says:

“When entities acquire the power to artificially create Value with the stroke of a pen, bribery and collusion become a trivial matter for those with that power.”

This, in turn, is worsened by a so-called “bubble of judicial protection” which encourages the disparity of wealth. It is believed that the integrity of value has been forced to the “brink of irreconcilability”.

The declaration then states that the aforementioned “viable escape” is through Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Cryptos displace and disrupt the power of the state to secure the integrity of value through currency. This is ensured through the application of violent force that is considered lawful by existing social institutions. This was necessary to keep in place the exchange of value established by the state.

The declaration states that cryptocurrencies are a true store of value, as it can prove it through the expenditure of electricity and “irrevocable proof of math”. This has never been achieved before the blockchain. This caused a paradigm shift in the perception of value, and the capabilities of the technology to ensure new methods of value transfer.

The declaration goes on to declare obsolescence of controlled currencies through fiat. The aforementioned unaccountable entities have gained control of the power that directs the course of humanity through control of currencies. It then goes on to declare the reasons that this freedom has been declared.

These parties have conspired to assume total control of global money supplies while misleading the masses and spreading misinformation to the tune of not being capable of conspiracy. They are hypocritical, by not subjecting themselves to the ‘transparent audits’ that they enforce upon public banks they loan to.

They tip the scales of open markets to provide currencies to those they trust and not those trusted by the free markets. They escape the negative consequences of their actions by diverting them onto the population through the selective support of lawmakers and regulators. They are the cause and hold the solutions to financial crises, of which the masses bear the burden.

The declaration ends by stating that it is a direct response to the “continued manipulation and destruction” caused by the degradation of value. It says:

“We, the undersigned, will dedicate our lives building networks and systems that restore the Integrity of Value and directly challenge the authority of those who seek to destroy Value.”

Upon signing the declaration, an image appears with the logos of dominant cryptos and the slogan “Unite or Die”. It is representative of a larger movement in the crypto world and a more solidified movement against legacy financial institutions.

It extrapolates the original sentiment solidified by Satoshi’s inclusion of an article about the recession in the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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