John McAfee – “Come into the light with us”

Earlier today, John McAfee urged his followers to free themselves from the slavery enforced by those in power. He delivered a speech on his Twitter account, urging those who were watching to throw off the yoke of slavery.

This came after he propagated the signing of a so-called ‘Declaration of Currency Independence’, which was aimed towards individuals and organizations with power who were unaccountable for their actions. Many saw this as a landmark event in the history of cryptocurrency, and those who signed it did so on the blockchain. This was enforced using a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures its permanence in the world.

He began by talking about how slavery was forced labor, which did not let the workers reap the fruits of their labor. He then spoke about the transition of slavery to a more subtle and refined form, clarifying that it indeed still existed.

He stated that we work voluntarily and compete for the privilege of being “higher slaves”. An average individual’s life involves working 50 weeks in a year for someone else, and getting paid just enough to feel like he or she is moving forward. Most of the money that one makes goes to the people above on the ladder, leaving one with a fraction of the fruit of one’s labor.

He further explained that until recently there has been no way for us to remove the “yoke that we have so willingly accepted”, and to prevent living in avoidance of existing power structures. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the two ways for the masses to escape from the systemic oppression present in society.

He then proceeds to ask the viewers to “take their lives into their own hands” and to “unlock the door to your own cage”. He proceeds to beseech the viewers to “come into the light with us”, asking everyone to sign the declaration of currency independence, stating that it might be the most important document they ever read.

Twitter user Blockchain Jedi said:

“You sound like me. So you’re either crazy, or genius. At least that’s what they tell me.”

Another Twitter user James McCarty said:

“I agree with what you are saying sir; the problem is that so many are so enslaved there is no obvious way out. While crypto will provide the means, people still don’t trust it. I always answer the same question, what backs it. It is hard to make people understand!”

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