IOTA [MIOTA] pumps up its CSR by collaborating with UNOPS

Julie Maupin, the director of Social Impact and Public Regulatory of IOTA posted an article on IOTA’s blog officially stating the integration of UNOPS and IOTA.

A memorandum of understanding was signed in New York and Berlin between IOTA and UNOPS. This memorandum was recorded to officially accept the collaboration of IOTA and UNOPS to bring transparency and efficiency to the work associated with the UN.

IOTA’s distributed ledger system will provide a higher level of efficiency in the management and tracking of UN documents, supply chains, and transactional payments in real-time, which will be accessible to UNOPS as well as their partners.

UNOPS acts as a technical advisor and implements various projects. It helps the UN and its other partners provide peace and security, and humanitarian and development solutions.

During the inauguration, IOTA’s Co-Founder Dominik Schiener said:

“We are thrilled to begin working together with UNOPS and to tackle current and future challenges together. The IOTA Foundation is fully committed to putting the IOTA Tangle to work on behalf of important humanitarian and development causes.”

Adding to which IOTA Co-Founder David Sønstebø said:

“Shared global problems require shared global solutions. With our open-source, permission-less innovation approach, IOTA’s distributed ledger technology lends itself uniquely to this kind of cooperative problem-solving.”

The entente shall be further extended to seminars, workshops, and sessions wherein a greater understanding of how UNOPS works will be demonstrated to IOTA. This will benefit UNOPS and increase their efficiency in all the fields, and would also provide transparency of transactions to its fellow followers.

While the IOTA Foundation works on full fledge to develop their corporate social responsibility, the UNOPS Special Advisor on Blockchain Technology, Yoshiyuki Yamamoto says:

“We share a vision where machines, devices, sensors and people connect and communicate to each other – it’s the world of ‘Industry 4.0.’ Harnessing technology that allows for these processes to work simultaneously, without the need for intermediaries, will help expedite our mission as an organization.”

Recently at the “NextTech Peacekeeping” event, IOTA put forth and confirmed their sponsorship towards Blockchain for Peace Innovation Alliance. IOTA’s sponsorship of Blockchain for Peace Innovation Alliance and collaboration of IOTA-UNOPS was published a few hours apart. Talk about CSR and its publicity?

At the time of writing, IOTA is ranked #10 on the CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $4.9 billion and is trading at a price of $1.62 to a token. It has seen a fall of 0.20% in the past one hour, and weekly decline at 14.91%.

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