goTenna launches a Bitcoin [BTC] wallet that doesn’t require internet for transactions

Imagine, after a mishap you are stranded in an unknown land without any money, you should at least be able to withdraw your Bitcoin [BTC] without internet. New York-based startup, goTenna Inc. is partnering with Samourai Wallet to launch an android application which allows users to send Bitcoin payments with an active internet connection.

goTenna is a startup that designs and develops technology for decentralized communications. The devices from goTenna can be paired with smartphones, which enables the users to share information on a peer-to-peer basis even without any centralized communications infrastructure.

On 14th May, at the Consensus 2018 goTenna had announced a new application called the ‘txTenna’, which would allow users to connect their smartphones with a goTenna device and use a cryptocurrency trading wallet to send payments. The developers of the application have said that as long a phone is charged, the user can communicate. The application has done wonders during the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, by helping people reconnect.

The concept is decades-old which enables people to use the internet without a Wifi network or an active LAN network. But the other goTenna device has to be within a mile of this device for sending the message across the mesh network. The cryptocurrency user should be within a mile of another active device, transactions bounce across the mesh until it reaches a user with an active internet connection.

Samourai wallet had reached out to goTenna with the idea of its open source communication code. txTenna works as the same principle as the iOS wallet.

txTenna is going to be an alternative which would be censorship-resistant and will be an open source project. The application could work with any software wallet, txTenna can send transactions without the use of the internet in almost any wallet provider.

Peter James has tweeted that:

“Sending Bitcoin without going through a mining rig?”

Fulmo a lightning network startup has tweeted that:

“Can @goTenna help decentralize #Bitcoin transactions? Yes, they can! Working together with @samouraiWallet, Bitcoin transaction can be broadcast through a mesh network without direct access to the Internet. Censorship resistant! #Consensus2018.”

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