FODL on Bitcoin [BTC], HODL on Ethereum [ETH] & Bitcoin Cash [BCH]; Ripple [XRP] in the trash – Mr. Neu Ner stated

In a recent interview with CNBC’s Fast Money, Ran Neu-Ner participated in their “HODL or FODL?” game on their channel where he was asked the outlook for several top-leading cryptocurrencies in the market.

CNBC's Fast Money tweet.

CNBC’s Fast Money tweet.

With regards to Bitcoin [BTC], Mr Neu-Ner stated that:

“I like bitcoin a lot, but I’m going to FODL.”

Although he believes that Bitcoin’s price will go up, it’s currently low and it’s a slow and stable process. He focused on the more exciting cryptocurrencies out in the market and he will put his money in something more exciting. However, he will HODL on to Bitcoin Cash. He thinks that there is a potential and since the team consists of old Bitcoin members, he prefers them.

He says:

“I think there’s a lot of potential for Bitcoin Cash, I like the team, that are driving. it’s all the old bitcoin people. I love both Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin [BTC] equally, but if you ask me where I put my money right now, Bitcoin Cash has more potential.”

Mr. Neu-Ner also states:

“there are more exciting cryptocurrencies out there, and if you’re going to ask me whether I’m going to put my money in bitcoin, or something more exciting, I’m going to go with something more exciting.”

The ICO frenzy has taken highlight in this current cryptocurrency market world, Mr. Neu-Ner believes that the institutions will go to Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] before anything which in turn leads the market to rise.

He says:

“There’s this frenzy happening which is not on the markets, where hundreds of millions of dollars are going into ICOs, where’s that money coming from? It’s not coming from fiat, it’s people cashing in their bitcoin and their Ethereum, and when they cash in the markets are going to go down.”

On a different cryptocurrency, Ethereum [ETH], the Onchain Capital Founder says that will HODL as the community of Ethereum is big in the industry of cryptocurrency market. He is bullish on Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Ethereum [ETH].

Mr Neu-Ner states:

“Thousands of people, the smartest people in the room. They’ve got used cases and they’re solving their scaling issues. So I’m holding Ethereum.”

When it comes to Ripple [XRP], Ran Neu-Ner is not quite certain on the token and how it works, although he states that the Ripple [XRP] company is the best he knows.

He concluded:

“So as far as I know, I can’t find a use for the token, so I’m out. It’s centralized, and that defeats the whole purpose of the blockchain.”

He is the founder of Onchain Capital and the host of CNBC’s Africa’s ‘Crypto Trader’ show. In this interview, he discusses his views for the several top-leading cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offering [ICOs] and the outlook of the major cryptocurrencies on the trading list.

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