Exclusive: “I care little about stock and fiat markets” – John McAfee

In an exclusive interview with AMBCrypto, John McAfee spoke about the crypto market and his algorithms. He also spoke about marketplaces and the function of human psychology in them.

When asked about whether psychology still played a role in markets after the proliferation of algorithms and software in trading, he called them “purely mathematical, data scraping machines”. He went on to say that the major human component in markets is manipulation, stating that the ‘psychology’ in markets is nothing but a “series of paired transactions”. He said:

“There is no overriding psychology that is not manipulation.”

He made predictions for the future of the cryptocurrency market, saying technologies like pure distributed exchanges based on atomic swap will emerge. He also said:

“I care little about stock and fiat markets. They are disappearing.”

The vulnerability of crypto markets to manipulative presences is reducing day by day, according to McAfee. When the technologies mentioned before are adopted, we will see a “collection of localized factors” that will work in global harmony.

When asked if there is a possibility of the market crashing yet again, he made it clear that the market has not crashed, except in the eyes of short-term investors. He went on to say:

“…short-term traders, who, in my opinion, are the scourge on progress and the fundamental cause of mediocrity in trading.”

He said that the ‘legal’ way to make money through trading is by taking a long position, advocating for the medium long-term perspective of 18 months. He said that cryptocurrency has never failed to hugely advance when looked at in this time frame.

His predictions are famous throughout the crypto-verse, not only in terms of various altcoins but also on significant political occurrings. Recently, his prediction for the altcoin Docademic is close to coming true, with a 481% growth in a week’s time. When asked about them, he simply said:

“I made them because they will happen. Absolutely. They always do.”

When asked about the possibility of a massive bull run and its potential triggers, he said:

“I know little of triggers. I only know mathematics. I know a Sunflower will display, mathematically, its seeds in a beautiful spiral pattern. Is the trigger the tilling of the soil? The planting of the seed? The watering? The fertilizer? The spreading of the petals? Who knows? We only know that all of life is mathematics and, if a time slice is provided, the entire universe, at that slice, can be known.”

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