Exclusive: “Corruption, no less than gangrene, is irreversible.” – John McAfee

In an exclusive with AMBCrypto, John McAfee spoke about the intention behind the Declaration of Currency Independence, and the factors that caused its signing.

In the declaration, he mentions certain ‘unaccountable individuals and institutions’ that are the cause for the systematic oppression of the masses. When asked about these parties, and whether they had passed the point of no return, McAfee said that they were corrupted by power. He went on to compare their corruption to that of gangrene, as it was irreversible.

He recently released a video on his Twitter, asking his followers to free themselves from the yoke of ‘subtle and refined slavery’. He then proceeded to state that cryptocurrencies were the way for the masses to regain the freedom to claim the sweat of their brow.

When asked whether cryptocurrencies were the only way to subvert power, John said:

“There may be thousands of ways, but none that we have not yet discovered. Crypto is the first. Should we wait for another?”

The implementation of blockchains and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to decentralize existing power hierarchies was also another important theme of the Declaration. It was maintained that the issue and regulation of currencies is the reason for the establishment of these hierarchies in the first place. When asked about this, he said:

“…the implementation is simple. We bring the power and control of currency into the hands of the people.”

When asked about the transition to these disruptive technologies, and how they will ensure that the wealth they hold will not directly translate into power as it does today, McAfee stated:

“It might be. But the power will be trivial: the power to hire and fire, harass etc. But true power – the power control the means of power – thereby restricting its access by those holding the power, cannot be attained.”

For such an outright rebellion against pre-established social,  hierarchical power structures, the ideologies mentioned in the Declaration will change the mind of a few million people. When asked how this rebellion will solidify in the real world, McAfee said:

“With the application of the Blockchain yo every aspect of our lives – far beyond currency, thereby opening realms of possibilities undreamed of in the past.”

As a final assurance to those who do not believe in the blockchain and their disruptive capabilities to undo power structures, McAfee guaranteed that they will change social norms. In a significant way, McAfee has made another of his signature predictions, but this one might change the course of the world.

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