eToro survey shows Ripple [XRP] reigns king in investment, profitability

A survey released by social trading and brokerage company eToro shows investor interest levels in cryptocurrencies. The survey also mentions the percentage of investors’ occupations and most profitable coins over the last year.

The survey collected data in the timeframe of March 2017 to February 2018. This is a significant time to collect the data as it captures the Bitcoin boom over the month of January of this year.

Ripple [XRP] is the most traded coin across four age groups, of 18-23, 24-35, 36-54, 55+. Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] follow behind as trading mainstays for all 4 groups. It is probable that their high price deterred investors from the coins, especially Bitcoin, as seen by its decreased popularity in the 24-35 and 36-54 range.

After Litecoin [LTC] running in the middle of the pack at 4th, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ethereum Classic [ETC] and Dash [DASH] fight for the 5th, 6th and 7th position among age groups. Their status as altcoins and forks of popular coins seem to keep them relevant.

Popularity over age range

Stellar [XLM] and Neo [NEO] round out the pack at last place in every age group, with Stellar in 8th and Neo 9th.

Investor experience level

The survey results show that a majority of investors are novices in the crypto trading field. Close to 80% of investors are inexperienced in the field, with 11% intermediate and 7% with advanced knowledge in the field.

A majority of investors work in the computer or IT based occupations, according to the survey. The majority is rounded out by those who trade crypto as their occupation, followed by sales, students and those working in the finance sector.

The minority of traders are occupied in arts, real estate and are retired. Other significant jobs traders are involved in include education, healthcare, architecture, and tourism.

There is a great disparity in gender, with 91.5% of traders being male. Only a measly 8.5% of investors are female. Women are proportionally more likely to invest in Ripple, with 2% of women by proportion favoring it. Neo has a likelihood of females investing below 1%, with Ethereum Classic being favored completely by men at around 1%.

Average profitability

Ripple beats the competition handily in profitability, leading by a margin of 2% for a total of 8% average profitability. Notably, XRP was at a value of $0.005 at the time the data collection began around March 2017. At around February 2018, a humongous 23100% growth was seen by Ripple at a value $1.16.

Ripple 1-year graph

Ethereum comes in second, with an average profitability of 6%. The value of Ether was around $15 last March, with an appreciation of $1118 by February of this year. This exhibits a growth rate of about 7353%.

Ethereum 1-year graph

Litecoin came in at only half of Ethereum’s profitability, at 3%. It exhibited a growth of 4223% over the year, from 3.77 in March of last year to $163 in February 2018.

Litecoin 1-year graph

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