Ethereum [ETH]’s proponents reaction on Google’s offer to Vitalik Buterin

The technology giant, Google along with its parent company Alphabet Inc. is on its way to expand its development towards the blockchain technology by implementing its own distributed digital ledger. They are also working on blockchain based technology to perk up their cloud business and move ahead of the startups that use blockchain currently.

According to several sources, the multinational company is concentrating on acquiring startups with digital ledger expertise. They are currently exploring various areas of blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as, the cryptographic structures that support coins like Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH].

While Google is gradually revealing their moves on Blockchain technology, a recent tweet by Vitalik Buterin, the young CEO of Ethereum, has left the cryptocurrency followers flabbergasted.

Vitalik’s tweet contained a screenshot of a portion of an email sent by Google’s recruitment team, which showed their interest in onboarding the programmer. Along with the screenshot, he also added a Twitter poll, seeking opinions from his followers.

However, it was being noticed that Vitalik deleted the Twitter post, after a while. The post had over 2200 responses before Vitalik removed it.

The discussions on Reddit and other social media platform still continue about the same. Some of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts seemed to be on Vitalik’s side, while others expressed their negative opinion of making a private conversation public.

A cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

I hope he had her consent for publishing that private conversation, or he could be prosecuted since he didn’t bother striking out her name… Vitalik being a manchild on Twitter again.”

Some of them even took the conversation to a different level, by questioning about the prices of ETH being affected once the CEO steps down.

A Redditor named crypto_kang says:

Assuming this post is actually true, it seems like Vitalik burns himself out too much. In the past he had a moment when people were doing the whole “sharting” memes. Hope he lets himself get some rest and regroup.”

Another Redditor commented:

“heck no, google should be asking to join Ethereum”

A Redditor named Iruwen says:

If Ethereum’s future depends on the decisions of a single being, it’s broken beyond repair.”

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