EOS token holders expected to complete Ethereum [ETH] address registration before 2nd June

As the EOS Mainnet is approaching on 2nd June, we can see a huge number of updates and announcement coming up on a daily basis. The entire EOS community including the token holders and the developers are waiting for the blockchain shift from Ethereum to EOS’s separate blockchain.

Tweet by EOS

Tweet by EOS

The EOS team has mentioned earlier about the various important changes that would take place during the Mainnet launch. However, some of the cryptocurrency holders still seem to be unclear about the upcoming changes. The investors are continuously posting various questions on social media platforms concerning their existing investments on different exchange platforms.

Farz, a cryptocurrency follower says:

“If you register tokens through MEW, and you are a US citizen, what will happen? How would they know”

A Twitterati named SUN OF MAN says:

“will the exodus wallet work for registration and airdrops?”

James Runavich, another Twitterati commented:

“Will USA residents be able to purchase with //Block.one ’s blessing after launch? Will USA buyers even need a blessing?”

EOS recently tweeted about a notice by Block.one for all the EOS token holders on Ethereum address. Block.one is an open source software company, specialized in various blockchain based projects. EOSIO is their first blockchain project wherein they built a number of decentralized applications.

Before 2nd June 2018 at 21:59:59 UTC, all the EOS Token [ERC-20] holders must visit the EOSIO website and navigate to the “EOS Token Distribution” section. 

The token holders are required to click the “Get EOS” link and accept the agreement terms provided on the next page. Under this section, all the instructions and details to register the Ethereum address registration are provided. 

By completing the registration process, all the addresses and associated balances can be identified after the release of EOSIO v1.0.

Block.io team mentioned that:

“The instruction page is unavailable in the US and China as EOS Tokens are not being offered or distributed by Block.one to US persons or Chinese persons.”

All the token holders can contact their respective exchanges for information on current address registration status and technical specifications for the upcoming EOSIO v1.0 release. The Ethereum address registration process will not be undertaken by Block.one.

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