EOS settles down after the unpredictable price fluctuation

For the last week, the price of EOS has been oscillating between $16 to $19 and it finally calms down at around $18. It is being noticed that EOS has been gaining momentum in the cryptocurrency market and fetched a place among the top ten cryptocurrencies.

The price of the coin has been constantly changing in the last week. On 4th May, the prices went as low as $16.54 then again after 4 days, the price went as high as $18.83. The prices have settled down and EOS is currently trading at $18.14 at 12:00 PM UTC. EOS was witnessing a steady growth of around 2.16 percent.

All throughout the week most of the cryptocurrencies were facing a downward trend. EOS is the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the market with a market capitalization of around $15.3 billion.

One of the main reasons for the steady growth of EOS is because of the technology behind it. Its only been a month since Block.one released EOS dawn 3.0, and the team at EOS has already announced the launch of their new update called EOS Dawn 4.0. The development team who was behind the cleanup of the EOSIO software believes that the update to dawn 4.0 can resolve a lot of corner cases and time-based applications which would enable an accurate measure of the time lapse within the smart contracts.

EOS community is eagerly waiting for the new developments on the upcoming Mainnet launch, which is going to take place in a few weeks. The users who want to participate will have to register their EOS tokens on the EOSIO and can store the coins on a web wallet which would be compatible with Ethereum [ETH].

A crypto economist, Ashe Ore has tweeted that:

“#EOS will easily have the same market cap size as #ETH. Not even a question in my mind.”

A crypto enthusiast Moss Roda has tweeted that:

“I would not be surprised if #EOS pass #ETH in term of market cap by Jun 2019. We need a couple of killer #dApps to draw more developers/companies to start developing on #EOS platform. Killer #dApps are coming to #EOS sooner or later. I do not see a better smart contract platform”

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