EOS [EOS] MainNet launch gets support from KuCoin

KuCoin, one of the famous cryptocurrency exchange platform has officially announced that the team has completed the swap registration of the EOS MainNet Wallet. KuCoin team is responsible for providing support for the release of the upcoming EOS MainNet. KuCoin will also perform an automatic asset transfer for users, with guaranteed security deposit.

KuCoin tweet

KuCoin’s tweet

The team also mentioned that all the EOS deposits and withdrawals temporarily halted at 18:00:00 on May 31st, 2018 [UTC+8] so as to ensure the proceeding of the EOS MainNet swap.

Based on the official time released by EOS, KuCoin will swap all the assets for its users automatically. This will certainly help in avoiding the asset loss risks. Once the upgrade is completed, EOS assets will be swapped and converted to the EOS MainNet. All the users will be able to withdraw the EOS coins after the release of EOS MainNet.

Kevin Luka, a Twitterati says:

If you trust kucoin with any swap/airdrop you are crazy. I’m still waiting on several airdrops along with btcp locked in my account for the past several months.”

When asked about the EOS airdrops, the KuCoin team replied:

“Hi, we don’t have any information about that matter. Kindly stay tuned to our website for an official announcement if KuCoin is going to support any airdrop. You may also read this statement regarding airdrops and forks on KuCoin. //news.kucoin.com/en/clarification-regarding-airdrops-and-forks-on-kucoin/ Thank you.”

EOS, which is currently trending at the 5th position, has seen a slow uptick over the past 24 hours. On 24th May, EOS had declined to $10.60, which is its monthly low as of today and gradually increased and crossed the $12 mark. The EOS chart depicts that the past two days were quite disappointing in terms of price. However, the coin is slowly gaining the momentum at present.

EOS 7 days chart

EOS 7 days chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

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