EOS all set for the Public release of EOSIO 1.0 in June

EOSIO is a platform that is being currently developed by a private company called Block.one. To ensure widespread distribution, about 1 billion tokens are being circulated on the Ethereum platform. This is also to provide a distribution that anyone can use to launch their application once the software is released. 

EOSIO Dawn was focused on the stability of the core platform, but over the next month, they will be working on the final system contract that implements skating, voting, and governance mechanics. This way they will also be finalizing their token standard.

They will be launching a new public test network once they feel the system contract has matured to their satisfaction. They have also simplified the process so that the developers can start their own test run and develop their own applications.

EOS has also confirmed to shut down the current test network for the next few weeks in order to minimize developer confusion while they work on the new test network.

With stable APIs, EOSIO Dawn 3.0 is a developer designed to be ‘feature complete’. The company believes that the platform is stable enough for serious developers to start building their own applications. They have become more powerful and easy to develop compared to what they had conceived a year ago.

EOS team is growing and the development is occurring at a great pace. They are all set for a high-quality public release of EOSIO 1.0 in June.

Adeyemi Adewale on twitter asked:

“Will this increase the value of the coin?”

Excited Redditor says (beautytruthbeauty):

“Get motivated and control your own keys! Generate a MEW address, send your EOS there, then register that address with EOS.io to receive your correlating EOS tokens keys! Remember that you’ll need approx $5 of Ether in your MEW to pay for gas when you register your address. (Always check security certificates on sites you visit. Don’t get phished.)”

Another Redditor asks (Jimmyjeee):

“Binance are supporting the mainnet launch ?”

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